Science, Medicine & Technology Program

Ethics Technology, and Society, SMT-123

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1. Engineering Ethics: Making the Case 2. Practical Ethics Tools
3. Responsibility in Engineering 4. The Social and Value Dimensions of Technology
Selected Topics from Chapters 5-9

Student Term Papers
# Title Description
1 The Ethical Implications of Self-Driving Cars I will research and explain the moral problems programmers face when writing code for self-driving cars and how the decisions they make affect society.
2 Exploring Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

I will investigate present and future ethical complications that arise in the increasingly advanced development of AI in our society.

3 The Ethics of Stem Cell Research

I will investigate past, present, and future ethical implications and complications of conducting stem cell research and the impact it has on our society today.

4 Ethics in Archaeology

I will investigate the ethical issues involved in excavating sites of historical importance, while also looking at advancement in technology used in archaeology and its ability to work around those ethical issues.

5 The ethics in wether college athletes should be paid In this paper I will research and explain the benefits, and downsides of paying college athletes with proof through tests using technology stating which college athletes are better then others and why.
6 Monsanto: GMO's saving or destroying third world societies?

I would like to do investigate the history of Monsanto. Understand different development projects they have been involved with throughout the world to look at the Genetically modified plants are beneficial or destructive to societies around the world.

7 Ethics behind the Legalization of Cannabis

I will discuss the medical, economical, and environmental implications that arise from the legalization of cannabis.

8 Exploring ethics in the human genome project I am intending to look at the ethical issues regarding the human genome project, specifically who should have access to it, how this was made possible by technological advances and how this relates to society as a whole.
9 Euthanasia and why it should be made legal across the entire United States.

I will research the history over the very controversial issue of assisted suicide by medical doctors. I will present the arguments for both sides of this ethical issue facing society today and then at the end of my paper I present to the reader my thoughts on the issue.

10 Ethical implications that abortion has on society Of course abortion is an ongoing ethical debate in modern society, but to incorporate a technical aspect I will discuss abortion induction techniques, and the technology that will lower the rate of abortion-associated complications.
11 Designer Babies

I want to explore the societal implications, good and bad, of designer babies and the possible impacts in the future if this science is popularized.

12 Ethics of Mass Incarceration

In this paper, I will research and explore the ethics behind mass incarceration in the United States.

13 Ethical Implications of Torture In this, I plan to address 4 specific sub-areas of study (each of which deals intersectionally with the 3 topics of the course, but focuses perhaps a bit more heavily on one section rather than another). I’d like to analyze and report upon certain types of technology utilized to inflict so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques", the ethical impact of psychological and physical harm on torture victims, the effectiveness - or lack thereof - of torture in getting valuable information from suspects, and the impact of media on the perception of torture in contemporary America.
14 Ethics in the Financial Crisis

I will explore the human ethical issues surrounding the cause and main plot of the 2008 mortgage meltdown, its implication to society and how technology in finance has been developing to serve as a remedy to prevent the next crisis from happening.

15 Ethics of 3D printing

I will discuss the ethics of 3D printing. I will talk about what 3D printing is, and how it is going to affect the future of technology and society.

16 Ethics of the death penalty I will research the medical and technological ethical issues that arise when death sentences are chosen and how these decisions impact our society.
17 Where are the women I will investigate why there are few women in the field of technology, I will look into aspects such as recent changes in the trends, silicon valley, and how it has changed or affects society. I will consider comparing women in technology in the United States to another country in order to compare the trends of women in technology and how it is affecting another society different from our own.
18 The Ethics of assisted death In this paper I will explore he ethical dilemma in whether it is moral to help end ones life considering certain situations and health problems. I will look at the technologies involved, the ethics in whether it is the right decision and societies standpoint on the given problem.

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