Union's 1997 Concrete Canoe

The Unsinkables Concrete Canoe Team


Construction of mold

Mold construction in progress

Mold is shaping up!

Many helping hands

Mold looks great

Almost done!

Mold is ready for final finishing

Fixing little problems on surface

Creating a smooth surface

Sanding of mold

Mold is being finished

A layer of plastic is in place

Mesh is being cut

Mesh is in place and concrete is being applied

Fiber to be added to concrete

Preparing more fiber for concrete

Finishing of concrete surface

Applying paint coat

Side view of final product

Top view of finished canoe

Practice, practice, practice!

More practice, practice, practice!

The canoe is ready for the real competition

The moment of truth; it floats even full of water

Sprint, mixed team

Men, distance team

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