Snapshots from Project BeamBang 1999

Concrete Class

Meredith & Sarah before loading

Meredith during loading

Sarah following load progress

Meredith & Sarah after failure

Meredith & Sarah's beam after failure

Chuck & Mike before loading

Chuck during loading

Mike & Chuck after failure

Mike & Chuck's beam after failure

Dennis & Kris with T beam

Dennis & Kris before loading

Dennis during loading

Kris following load progress

Dennis & Kris after loading

Dennis and Kris' beam after failure

Dave, Geoff & Tyler before loading

Geoff & Tyler during loading

Geoff, Tyler & Dave after failure

John, Dave & Ira before loading

Dave during loading

John & Ira, watchful

Dave, John & Ira after failure

Dave, John & Ira's beam after failure

Chad & Dave (absent) before loading

Chad after loading

Chad & Dave's beam after failure

Mike & Rachael before loading

Mike during loading

Mike & Rachael after failure

Mike and Rachael's beam after failure

Tara & Eric before loading

Tara during loading

Following load progress

Tara & Eric's beam after failure

Side split due to shear

Tara & Eric after loading

Tara & Eric beam after failure

Wally before loading

Wally after loading

Wally's beam after failure

Close up of Wally's beam after failure

Symmetrical diagonal tension in beam

Failure due to diagonal tension

Separation of concrete from steel

Failure of steel mesh

Close up of beam and steel mesh

Close up of steel mesh before and after loading

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